As Humza Arshad rightly said, “Paki’s are always late!”, I’d like to wish (a belated) EID MUBARAK to all who celebrated! Hope you all had an awesome day and enjoyed it as much as I did. The reason for such a late blog post is due to me being incredibly busy in the build up to uni starting, as you may have read in the previous post.

On Friday I had to attend a Mehndi, Saturday I went to Chessington World of Adventures with my besties, and yesterday was the wedding ceremony. On top of that, I’ve been tidying all my revision notes up.. and what a mess it was! And… I’m typing this post on my brand new laptop! I must say, desktops are much easier to use, but not very efficient to take to uni THAT REMINDS ME! Just got my accommodation sorted, woohoooooo!!

The list of things which occupied me this past week have been endless..so yes, I’ve been busy. So, the thing I wanted to talk about in this blog post is the trust between ourselves and our parents. I’ve always been a good girl (A) so that trust meter is pretty high between myself and my parents. Alhamdulilah. As a result of that, I’ve been fortunate enough to be granted privileges which may not have been possible without that high level of trust between us.

Before you think I’m bragging and don’t see the point of this post, I’d like to say this: NEVER break your parents trust, no matter what situation you’re in. I’ve seen it happen when others meddle with the blessed relationship you have with your parents, and it’s just not worth it! Always strive to keep them happy and satisfied, and in turn Allah swt will be happy and satisfied with you too inshAllah I should have worded this post better, but whatever, you get the message. In light of recent events that have taken place in my life I feel the need to share such a blog with everyone. Things happen and people will eventually show their true colours. You can’t choose your family so even if you’re unhappy, you might as well just make the most of it!

I also feel the need to tell specific people to stop thinking SO much. Nothing in excess is good and well, some people have a little too much time on their hands. I’ve received some mentions on Twitter I’d rather not reply to. Stop being such a depressed old soul and enjoy your life! If I know and love you, I’ll help you. <3

Thanks for reading PS iPhone 5 or Galaxy S II? + and -’s?

Thanks PSS Anyone know how I can get my iPod Touch (3rd gen) fixed cheaply in London? It’s showing no signs of life.

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Sutton Trust Programme for Medical Sciences – University of Bristol

*this post was handwritten, but has been typed up for the blog at a later date*

The Second Day: 10:35pm

ZZzzzzzz…! Exhausted! Today was incredibly long, filled with activities of all sorts!

We started the day at 6:45am where we woke up, got dressed and went for breakfast. We then got split into our streams and headed via coaches to meet the vice chancellor (our first time in the university itself). He gave an introduction about the Sutton Trust and then we divided into our groups again for the academic session.

We first met Dr E Stratton who gave us an introduction to medicine and dentistry at Bristol. We then got involved into practicals.

*not sure why I didn’t continue to write about my time at the Sutton Trust, but please do message me if you’d like to know about my experience! I would definitely recoomend it, it was brilliant and 10 years later I am still glad I went for it!*

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Sutton Trust Programme for Medical Sciences – University of Bristol

*this post was handwritten, but has been typed up for the blog at a later date*

The First Day: 1:35pm

We finally arrived! It was a 3 hour journey from home. Suad’s Dad drove us from London to Bristol University. We were greeted by student university ambassadors. At first we dreaded that we wouldn’t fit in, however, worrying about this was pointless. The students were very welcoming and showed us each to our rooms.

We have no unpacked and ready for a taster of this university life. Wooohooo!

Back from Ice Breaker Activities: 9:07pm

We have a kitchen! YAAAY! They provided tea in a variety of flavours and hot chocolate which was our choice of drink. We also cleaned and washed up! 😀 This task proved quite difficult as there was no sponge available!

We then slept for an hour or so to wait until 5pm. Our day began at 5:30pm when we proceeded to the Junior Common Room where D Jennings gave an introduction to the Summer School. We were the only ones wearing a scarf. There was also a pretty awkward moment meeting with some groups but then we met two girls who were on the same stream as us. They were from Leicester and very friendly!

At 7:30pm we headed to the dining hall and met two other girls from Bristol who seemed pretty nice. We then got our dinner with them: Wedges and sweetcorn. It wasn’t too bad, but, could have been much better! 😀 The wedges weree weird tasting/looking and tasted quite similar to fish! :S

We were then escorted to ‘The Quad’ where we began to engage in some ice breaker activites. This was quite a great experience to meet other people. We played two games, both of which required good teamwork and communication skills. This was a great opportunity to meet with other people. Met some nice people called Tilly and Ashley =)

We also got to know Doug J as he approached us during dinner (and surprisingly recognised us as being from Brentford!). Now we are known to him as the ‘Brentford Girls!’ 😛

Now it is 9:47pm and we are sitting in Suad’s room, getting ready for bed.