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It’s so weird, isn’t it? Where do we really belong?

I’d identify myself as a British Pakistani. I have grown up with influences from both Pakistani and British culture. I’ve spent most of my life in London, started and completed my entire education in London, and now living in South Yorkshire.

I have also spent countless summers and school holidays in Pakistan, in the village and in the city.

In the UK I am seen as a Pakistani, and in Pakistan, I am seen as British. So, where then, do I belong?

… I belong wherever HE is.

Scenes from the village. Nature is beauty.

Lost Without You

“I never truly understood what the words ‘I miss you’ meant, until I reached for my Mum’s hand and it wasn’t there”…

Almost 6 years on and the pain doesn’t subside. But maybe I don’t want it to, because no pain might mean I’ve forgotten.

But sometimes it’s hard. Excruciating. The wound appears when you least expect it. Tears flow when alone and around others. You hear of others passing away and it brings everything back. You want others to understand so they can understand you, but you don’t want anyone to suffer the loss that you have suffered.

Others can hurt you all they want, but the pain of losing your mother beats them all…

My mother was born here. There is a real sense of calm whenever I visit this place. She played in these streets as a child, she grew up here and walked on these bricks, she touched these walls… This place is peace.
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A Test from Allah

Don’t be a downer! This temporary life is going to seem so insignificant, why waste it by being negative all the time? Why think ill of others, or harm them physically or emotionally? Why play with others feelings for your own disgusting enjoyment, or take something from someone which doesn’t belong to you?

With life so short, why waste it by being so motivated by money, fame, perfection and luxury? Money and fame will draw you in, you just want more and more and MORE and before you know it, you’re being lowered into your grave! Perfection and luxury don’t exist in this world, this life isn’t, can’t and won’t be perfect. We will attain that in Jannah in’sha’Allah!

This temporary test is going to affect our eternal outcome, so why are we so blind to the reality? Why let temporary things and temporary people affect your life and your emotions and the peace within you? Do we really have that much time to waste, by interfering with others and talking about them? If someone makes a mistake or does something to you, just shrug it off! Oh well, big deal, we’re all human, things happen, we’re not perfect and we really, really need to learn to forgive and forget. How can we ask Allah to be merciful to us when we can’t show our fellow humans and animals mercy?

Do something kind for someone, pay for someone’s coffee, forgive everyone’s mistake and never say or think bad of anyone. We are all human, we all have our flaws, and we are all the same. In the end, this superficial Dunya is not going to help us.