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Greetings from Pakistan!

Salaams! I’m currently in Pakistan, Alhamdulllah one year later! Although this time it is a completely different experience because I am with my best friend <3 We left home and went to Manchester, then went to London and then Dad dropped us off at the airport a day later. We flew into Doha first (our first flight together!) and then into Pakistan. We landed at Islamabad and were greeted by Mamoo S, Ama g and Abu g. Then we went to Gujrat and met with everyone and then went to my best friends childhood home. It is suchhhh a different experience and I’m not gonna lie, it’s really, really different and quite challenging for me, but I am slowly getting used to it. We will be back in England soon in’sha’Allah 😀

The journey was really fun but long, although because I was with my best friend it was the best ever. We had Burger King from Doha but unfortunately, the Coke leaked -_- Got some halal M&M’s from Doha too but it was like £5 a bag o_O When we landed at ISB I was bursting for the loo sooo we rushed towards it and RANDOMLYY bumped into Abida Parveen! We looked back again because we weren’t sure, but yes it was her! Pretty cool, right?! Was too shy to say anything, and I really needed to go :’)

When we finally arrived in Gujrat I met with everyone and it was so lovely. And then we went to our home away from home, where best friend grew up. I really felt the love and everyone is so so nice.

The second day we went to the factory and Mamoo showed us around, we also went McDonald’s and I finally had my double filet o fish :’) Got my SIM sorted as well! All set for the next month or so in Pakistan, in’sha’Allah!

Best Friend grew up visiting these fields. I saw this place for the first time <3 It was a little surreal!