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Feb 21, 2020 - Life Updates    No Comments

New Beginning…

Asalaam Alaykum!

Wow… where do I start?! I haven’t blogged for YEARS but I want to get back into it for various reasons. Firstly, I’ve enjoyed reading my old posts (which I had to find hidden deeply within the Internet archives)! I can’t believe how much I have changed over the years, some of my posts are so cringe-worthy but I decided to upload them all on here anyway 🙂

Life has changed a lot since I last blogged. I’ve gone through really happy, exciting times and sad, tragic times. I’ve learnt so much about myself and the world around me. I’ve gained so many new skills and interest and ideas. Alhamdulillah for everything!

I hope that I will continue writing because it is something I have really, really missed. I’ve contemplated getting my blog back so many times and decided I need it back in my life. I feel so much better for it, and it really helps me! I can’t believe I let negative people get to me which resulted in me deleting my old website… But it is back!

I now live amongst the beautiful hills of South Yorkshire with my favourite person, and I do get to visit London quite often too, Alhamdulillah! I am going to try and write as often as I can about the experiences in my life and am very appreciative to anyone reading this 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!