Lots of updates!

As-salaam ‘alaykum! Have quite a few things to write about and finally got a few mins to spare, so I can post Alhamdulillah!

Had some interesting journeys lately. On Wednesday, en route IJ, I was doing some translating on the train and a native Arab sitting next to me smiled and decided to ask me questions in Arabic about where I study and how long I’ve been studying and where I am from etc! It was a really cool experience! I was scared at first but Alhamdulillah I am so grateful that I understood what he said!! He couldn’t speak a word of English, and I was also able to somewhat answer his questions 🙂 It’s just so amazing that I can’t describe… I started this course without any Arabic experience apart from reading the Quran. I wasn’t able to write anything except for my name, and I could not speak any words of Arabic apart from the well-known Islamic terms like Salaam Alaykum. So grateful Alhamdulillah. Duas for my teachers 🙂

The lesson on Wednesday was on the story اغفرلي يا ربي and we all had to memorise a section and present it to the class. I was allocated paragraph 2… Not bad, and I summarised it pretty well in my own words, and I also memorised it quite well too… However, as soon as the class started and it was my turn… I just started shaking and couldn’t utter a single word 🙁 I’m not even scared of my classmates, its just this silly fear of reading and presenting which is holding me back so much! I see improvements in myself and then as soon as something like this happens, I lose all my confidence and am back to square one! I really pray that I can fix this, shyness is good but too much shyness is a hindrance in gaining knowledge (Shaykh Nuh has said something similar to this in Sea Without Shore). We then had a session with Ustaadh Salman, outlining the new curriculum and timetable etc. It seems very intense, but iA it will work out well and we will all learn a lot. I have learnt that I am not a critical person at all. I will just take whatever I can get from the class, and trust that the teachers know what they are doing, as they have studied this more than I have, and they know the methods. Also, if I was able to do this myself, I wouldn’t have enrolled onto the course in the first place. Whatever I gain from the classes is what I was meant to gain, nothing more and nothing less. Alhamdulillah.

On Friday, my journey home was quite interesting also. I decided to go home on the underground that day, and on the bus home, an old Pakistani woman decided to talk to me in Urdu/Punjabi/English. She called me to sit next to her and she asked me questions about my life and then told me to become a doctor LOL. She also mentioned a Pakistani poet said something like, we all grab our tasbihs and say Allāh, Allāh when we need something, but once we have what we ask for, we continue with entertainment, music, television etc. She then asked where I was going and whether my mother was here too. I told her my mother has returned to Allāh, and she kept saying “Oh my God” and asking further questions… Was quite a difficult journey from then on, to be honest…

I finally started a Duas list. I have been meaning to do this for too long!! Alhamdulillah I finally got around to it. I just think its a nice way of remembering everything and everyone I want to make Dua for and also because when we ask for something and receive it, our Duas change and I want to see how my Duas change over time. I still find that when making Dua, I ask for my mothers shifa because I’m just so used to asking for that now… May Allāh grant her Jannah and ease, Ameen.

Yesterday was the #CWAssembles conference where all the regional teams came to London (Bart’s) for Charity Week regional training, instead of having one in each region. It was lovely to see everyone, and the event was a success Alhamdulillah. I’m in the National Media and Marketing team which is really exciting! Me and Anam made loads of cupcakes and took jelly sweet boxes too! Been updating the Facebook and Twitter pages recently, its good fun 🙂 Today is the National meeting at Waterloo but I decided its best to not go because I need to do some Arabic for the test tomorrow Insha Allah.

This time next week will be an event at Hounslow Masjid with Shaykha Safia! Cannot wait for that, it’s going to be amazing iA!

Okay I think this post is long enough, time to get some Arabic done iA! Might also be worthwhile to add, feeling quite upset about something today… But iA everything will be fine because Allāh is the Master Planner.

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