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Nearly mid-March already?!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday me and Anam went to MUJI, Oxford Street to get some cosmetic cases, woooo! I will probably, maybe want to review the cases later… like when THIRD YEAR OF UNI is over :O Insha Allah! All in all, I LOVE them and all my stuff looks so nice and clean and ORGANISED which makes me happy, Alhamdulillah 🙂

It’s already the 14th of March which means exams and deadlines are fast approaching! Really quite scared as I have too much coursework and lectures to revise from! Insha Allah all will be good and if you’re reading this then Duas pleaseeeeee. Also, it’s Friday so JUMMAH MUBARAK!

I am going to miss uni so much. It’s funny that this blog started when I was about to start uni and I was blogging about my first experiences etc and now its all coming to an end! Where will life take me next?……….

Oh and it is so hot today, took the fan out!

I should probably do some dissertation work… Methods for an hour and a half and then ICA maybe? GOGOGOGOO!!

Hey, March!

Okay, okay, so I’m 5 days late.. I’ve been busy!

Third year is going mad fast, like seriously, seriously quick.

It’s Wednesday and I’m writing up some dissertation 🙂

Finding it difficult to make it flow instead of just listing a bunch of facts.. hmm. Also worried about my word count, I think my introduction and literature review is too long, although I’m sure a lot of it will be cut because I do waffle on sometimes..

2 months and it’ll all be over, I really don’t want to waste this opportunity or else I will regret it all my life! 2 months of hard work and then I will be FREEEEE! 🙂

Had enough of some people, please stay out of my life if all you want to do is put me down and make me doubt myself… I do that enough already!

I can hear the Adhan for Dhuhr and smell saag being cooked… o.O

Okay back to dissertation, bye!