Hi there!

Quiiiiiiickk update on life!

Third year = hectic.


I’m just sat here thinking “WHAT ON EARTH DID I ACHIEVE LAST SEMESTER?!” because I have so much to do right now.

Been thinking about blogging on a lot of stuff recently. I did a NOSH detox not so long ago and have some brief notes I made whilst on it.. Maybe I will post that up eventually insha Allah.

Also, tried to start eating clean. Living organic. Also quite shocked of the fact that Body Shop use parabens in so many of their items 🙁 A quick PubMed search and then looking at the products I use daily and I was speechless. Absolutely shocked. Yay for PubMed and the internet, Alhamdulillah.

Been experimenting with loadssss of natural, organic and homemade products recently. I could blog about those.

My dissertation is so interesting, honestly. Alhamdulillah.

Yep, my blog is a list. FANTASTIC. Okay I must go now, and write some dissertation insha Allah! Oh wait, there’s a lecture I started writing up. Hmm, I have 2 essays to write. A test in two weeks to study for. 58972389423 lectures to go over. So much variety, I’m spoilt for choice.

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