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Thank you

As salaam u alaikum!

If you’re an actual person who is actually taking their valuable time to read this then I would just like to say a great big THANK YOU and I am honoured that you have decided to stumble onto my blog at this very time on this very day and have actually gotten this far into my, well, senseless ramblings.

Easter holidays started last Friday so it’s been work, work, work since then (I wish… *deep sigh*). Insha’Allah I will be on top of my schedule very soon. Today we all went to Oxford Street which was funnnn but very tiring. I am probably going to sleep after writing this.

Tomorrow is the second Charity Week London Team meeting insha’Allah!! 😀 A little disappointed that it will clash with the Dementia Cafe though! :/ It’s okay, next month insha’Allah! 😀

This hasn’t been a long post but I would like to end on something which is a reminder to myself first and foremost, but insha’Allah it will be of use to someone out there who is also reading this. We are so lucky Alhamdulilah, to be granted good health. Our bodies work so hard all day every day non-stop and we should take the time out to thank Allah (swt) for such a blessing. With a healthy body we are able to worship Allah (swt) as well as work and play etc. If something small happens to our health, we notice it straight away and suddenly it changes the way we live our lives. Subhan’Allah! I would love to expand on my points but I am going to save that bit of energy for Isha and then sleep!

Insha’Allah I will blog very soon 🙂 As salaam u alaikum!