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The Nineteenth of December; Two Thousand and Eleven

Honestly, around 11pm I have no creativity left and that’s the only title that came to my head.

After revising for the day, I’ve decided to have a break and write a blog post to get my website started and I hope to make this a regular occurrence. 😀

Yesterday, I visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with some friends and the whole atmosphere was simply magical. It was really enjoyable and it got me into the whole holiday spirit. Now, being a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas, but the atmosphere of the Christmas holiday in Britain is a beautiful one. The aura around Christmas in London is wonderful. The lights down Oxford Street and even the houses nearby, fully decorated and bright. The Christmas trees in shopping malls beautifully lit and everyone getting together with their families for the celebration. Having said that, I’m excited for Boxing Day when I’ll probably hit the sales for some bargains!

A couple of days after that will be my 19th birthday (31st Dec) which is followed by New Years Day 😀 A lot of events coming up very soon to look forward to. 😀 And then…… University starts again. And then exams. o_O Which reminds me, I should be revising…