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Sutton Trust Programme for Medical Sciences – University of Bristol

*this post was handwritten, but has been typed up for the blog at a later date*

The Second Day: 10:35pm

ZZzzzzzz…! Exhausted! Today was incredibly long, filled with activities of all sorts!

We started the day at 6:45am where we woke up, got dressed and went for breakfast. We then got split into our streams and headed via coaches to meet the vice chancellor (our first time in the university itself). He gave an introduction about the Sutton Trust and then we divided into our groups again for the academic session.

We first met Dr E Stratton who gave us an introduction to medicine and dentistry at Bristol. We then got involved into practicals.

*not sure why I didn’t continue to write about my time at the Sutton Trust, but please do message me if you’d like to know about my experience! I would definitely recoomend it, it was brilliant and 10 years later I am still glad I went for it!*

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